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How to fix online network issues with HP OfficeJet 3830 printers
If you require instant printingthen obviously you won’t step out from your home to get your print job repairwhen you ... ...

How to fix online network issues with HP OfficeJet 3830 printers

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Posted on: 09/14/18

If you require instant printing then obviously you won’t step out from your home to get your print job repair when you are at home. That is why we present the all-round resolution for any of your printer problem. Just call our HP printer installation support phone number +1-844-802-7535 and get all your problems and queries resolved instantly. 

HP OfficeJet 3830 printers come with the latest technology and feature in it which on the one hand can do printing, scanning, etc on the same device and can save a lot of our money and time on the other. This model has the good mobile connectivity options such as the AiO remote app, best photo quality and also having the built-in-fax capability through which you can easily send and receive faxes. Let us discuss these latest features of the device in some detail:

· AiO remote app: The model comes with the latest AiO remote app feature with the help of which you can connect your HP printer with any handy device and can easily send and receive data.

· High-quality photo: this printer is an ideal one on your budget which helps you to get the high-quality pictures and photos from phones or tablets and prints them quickly.

· The built-in-faxes feature: This feature will help you to send and receive faxes from the web or mail at an instant speed. You can also get connected with your professionals for any fax related issues with the device only.


Although the device indulged with these latest features the printer users may face some network troubles while working with the device. You might have configured the printer to a wireless network successfully but you have failed to lodge the connection. If your printer does not maintain the connection, you might face an annoying situation when you try to print or scan any important document. Here we have discussed some of the measures through which you can get your network problems resolved with your printer.

Sometimes this type of problem occurs if the printer is not connected to the network properly. To resolve this issue:

·Check if there is any connection issue or not. To check this you need to print a wireless network test report from the printer’s control panel or you also need to check the network report’s result page. If there is any connection issue, it will be displayed on the top of the report.

·Now if there is not any such issue then you will need to detect the printer’s IP address from the report page. If you are able to access printer’s home page then try power cycling the printer and your router and then try again.

Sometimes, the firewall software or antivirus you are using might be blocking the way of operation by the printer. In that case:

·Disable the firewall software by clicking ‘Always allow’ for HP printers, in the pop-ups shown by the firewall software.

·Your wireless router may not work well.

The issue may also occur when the IP address of your printer is changed. In that case, you need to update the software with the modified IP address. To update the software with a new IP address:

If you are using windows operating system in your computer:

1.       Click the program button and select the control panel on your computer.

2.       From there click on the devices and printers option.

3.       Now choose your printer name and select to update IP address.

4.       Now connect the printer and the computer with the wireless network.

If even after following all the above mentioned tips you are unable to fix your issues then you can call us on our HP OfficeJet printer support customer care number +1-844-802-7535. We are available 24 hours to give you assistance for your requirements.


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